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Chart2020 CONNECT now has available mobile, full-featured, visual acuity testing with distances variable dynamically from 33 cm to 6 meters featuring the power of Chart2020′s optotype engine.


Amsler 3D

The Amsler 3D, features a new level in comparing changes in macular disease visual disturbances, and allows comparisons on 1 image of all previous recordings.


The most advanced Amsler Grid available.

• Guided voice prompts to ensure you are using the test correctly.
• With your finger draw on the grid exactly where you see anomalies occur.
• Each drawing gets saved with the date time, and your comments.
• Press one button to email your doctor a beautifully crafted PDF file with all your anomalies on one image for all your tests.
• Each anomaly is drawn in a different color. Dates and comments are color coded to show a complete history of your anomalies.

• white grid on black background
• red grid on black background
• black grid on white background
• Fixation diagonals
• Centre dot blink to assist to keep eye positioned correctly
• Right Eye, Left Eye Buttons.

• Save your name, date of birth, doctors name, doctors email address once. Emails are then automatically sent to your doctor, without needing to input all the details.

• Automatic report generation to your doctor
• On examination of this report, the doctor can easily communicate back to the patient, if the doctor notices some change that requires urgent attention.

• Designed to be used either at home by a patient or by a doctor. A doctor could use this as a pre examination procedure.