Patient Tracking

  • Monitor Changes In Your Patient’s Acuity, Contrast And Stereo Vision
  • Integration Into Current Emh | Emr Systems
  • Daily Patient Load Can Be Imported
  • Pdf Reports Saved To A Network File Server
  • Reports Viewable From Any Exam Room 

SQL Server

  • Chart2020 Patient database server version for custom integration of existing patient records.
  • Scripts can be written to load the daily patient base from EMR or your own custom database.
  • Patient PDF files are saved on a central file server for easy access and submission to EMR
  • Daily patient load mode :~ allows easy access and selection of specific patient
  • Server module is licensed annually per physical site

The SQL Server edition of the software facilitates, loading of patient load from EMH | EMR or your own practice management system, and this patient information can be accessed from all Chart2020 installations on the network. You can connect your existing practice management software by storing the key to your patients in Chart2020.

Reports storage

PDF reports can now be saved to a network file server, so tests done in one test room are accessible from another test room, or directly from back end systems.