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Shemesh Health Solutions is a privately owned company and was established in 2011,  focused on developing new and innovative software and hardware solutions for the medical industry. Using state of the art technologies combined with the experience of a multi-national medical team, Shemesh has succeeded in creating the best-in-class eye care products, in addition to launching into a new era with our 3D Joint ROM product line.

Our products are focused on improving diagnostic methodologies, and sharing that information between a team who can collaborate and improve treatment outcomes.

Chart2020’s vision is simplifying the refraction process, enhancing the patient experience, and providing tools to give your clinic a boost.  We ensure that the product is manufactured for precision and accuracy while creating an intuitive user experience, with 5 different interface choices to allow the classic IR Remote controller all the way up to the modern mobiles and tablets. We believe you can choose which suits your style best. 


We asked ourselves several questions during the development process that focus on 3 key factors:

The Patient

Will the patient’s care benefit from the innovation or new development? Will the patient view the doctor’s practice as high tech and as if the doctor was staying ahead of the curve?


The Doctor

Will the doctor be able to easily access prior records and acuity data, keep the refraction lane running efficiently and impress patients with a high tech feel, submit meaningful reporting to referring doctors and insurance companies?


The Business

Will the business processes be streamlined, from the time the patient books their very first appointment, throughout the history of the patient’s repeat visits, justifying surgery or refraction outcomes in a way that is simple and effective?


The Chart2020 team meets monthly to brainstorm and decide on the next set of features that are aligned with the above three factors; the patient, the doctor, and the business.

Combing our entrepreneurial, medical, and technical skill sets has allowed Chart2020 to remain a premium medical product that is affordable and cutting edge. 

Chart2020 has exclusive rights to the Dyop® test which has clinical validation for improved refraction. 

We will continue to offer value to you and your clinic, and we look forward to you choosing us as your medical technology partner. 

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