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Chart2020 has many options for acuity testing.  You can choose to use a standard logMAR chart, or our self-guided ETDRS or staircase methodologies.  The section below contains information about the chart functions, optotype letter sets, notations, overlays and more. Please watch the quick demo on some of the features built into the acuity charts.

Acuity Charts

  • LogMAR
  • Low Vision
  • HOTV
  • Snellen
  • Aviation BUMED spec
  • Chart Editor (PRO)
  • Combined Acuity + Astig (single chart)


  • Sloan: English
  • Sloan: Numbers
  • Snellen
  • Paediatric
  • Tumbling E
  • Tumbling C
  • Global: Japanese
  • Global: Korean
  • Global: Arabic
  • Global: Russian
  • Global: Hebrew
  • Global: Greek

Acuity Overlays

  • Red-green
  • Intelligent Randomize
  • Crowding bars / definable
  • Single letter
  • Single line vertical
  • Single line horizontal
  • Triple line horizontal
  • Line selection bar
  • Reverse contrast
  • Immediate alternate test distances

Acuity Notations

  • LogMAR
  • User preferred LogMAR
  • Imperial (feet)
  • Metric
  • Decimal
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