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Distance Stereo Acuity

Chart2020’s stereo acuity testing can now be used on any monitor.

Chart2020’s vision testing is revolutionary with features that you will not find in any other testing system. In addition to testing visual acuity, you can assess stereo acuity, with detailed tabulated and graphic reports giving you an accurate overview of your patients’ stereo acuity.

One of the things that makes Chart2020 unique is the fact that the stereo acuity test can be run on any monitor – polarized or standard. This means that you don’t need to invest in specialized hardware; you can use the systems already in place in your practice. Speaking of monitors, Chart2020 also has a built in luminance calibrator which sets the exact values of the monitor to achieve eighty-five candela per square meter. This ensures accuracy of the test and produces standardized outcomes from room to room and from day to day, no matter the season, weather, or time.

The test can be administered by anyone using Chart2020’s infrared remote or your mobile device. This means that your patients can be pretested by someone else, who can hand you a report to analyze as part of your testing and diagnosis of patients. These reports are detailed, offering an accurate representation of the patient’s stereo sensitivity in each eye and both eyes. These reports can be submitted directly to electronic health or medical records.

Chart2020’s stereo acuity test can be used to assess whether military personnel fulfil the requirements for stereo acuity, which is a minimum of 40 secs of arc.

Chart2020’s stereo acuity test uses shapes, poles and random stereo dots. The shapes tests presents four different geometric shapes – circle, square, diamond or triangle – at different secs of arc. The three poles test uses three identical poles at different levels of stereo. In both of these tests, your patient identifies which object is closer. The random stereo dots test has two numbers hidden in the chart, which need to be spotted by the patient. If the patient’s answer is correct, the administrator simply clicks yes or no on the remote.

You can use the test to assist in diagnosis of different conditions, and motivate for surgery. For example, Diminished distance stereo acuity seems to be an objective measure of poor control of the exotropic deviation. This test may provide important objective criteria for deciding when to perform surgery in patients with intermittent exotropia.’ (Stathacopoulus Don’t you want to offer your patients the best possible examination and diagnosis harnessing the power of advanced medical technology?

This is why Chart2020’s vision testing, including stereo acuity testing, is used all over the world by doctors who want to save time while still generating quality reports that can be used to aid in patient examinations.

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