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Increase success when motivating for surgery

With Chart2020, we have  proven success rates in increasing authorizations when performing and submitting the contrast sensitivity report to medical insurers.

You or a technician can use it to administer an auto-guided, auto-scored contrast sensitivity test, generating a detailed, scientific tabulated and graphic report to send to the medical insurers to motivate for surgery.

Here’s the reason why ?


Monitor Calibration 

Chart2020 has a built-in in-app calibrator that insures exact luminance during contrast sensitivity testing.

This results in standardized outcomes.  

Medical insurers recognize our test due its detailed study, graphical and tabulated report which is easy to read and understand. 

Test in lane 1 today and lane 6 in two weeks time and you are guaranteed with precise and accurate contrast sensitivity testing. Without luminance calibration your testing cannot be accurate.

Each monitor’s luminance from model to model, from season to season, and as the monitor gets older the luminance also changes.  Your monitor needs to be calibrated to 85cd/m2. Monitor luminance can vary from room to room, season to season and a default monitor brightness is high.

With your own logo and practice information embedded, these reports are simply uploaded to EMH | EHR systems. Just a click away to

View the demo to see how simple the Yes|No answer strategy is.

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