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Secret 2 – Educate, market and entertain your patients with videos and pictures and the media module.

Chart2020 allows you to educate, market and entertain your patients with videos and pictures that ship with Chart2020 as well as adding and customizing your own albums.




Open the settings by pressing f10 or from the left hand side hidden dock


Select the miscellaneous section at the bottom of the form and then select the media section in the middle column


Setting up the media albums is easy and you can combine images and videos in the same album. Choose a name for the album.  This name will be displayed on your screen when selecting the album you wish to show your patient.  Click the order files buttons to change the order in which the images and videos will be presented.  Set the duration of the display for images.  Choose an appropriate time for display.   Videos and images are displayed in a continuous loop.  You can pause the stream at any point, to explain some detail or answer a question from your patient.


Operating the media module can be done from the remote control, keyboard or mouse.  The media button on the remote control or the “M” key on the keyboard cycle between the 4 albums.  Or press Shift + 1, 2, 3 or 4 to go direct to the album you wish to display.


The left and right buttons on the keyboard and infra red remote fast forward you through the sequence of images. The centre button on the remote or the “P” button on the keyboard pause the video or image and on second press continues to play again.


Chart2020 ships with 3 albums, 1 of gorgeous wild life images, a second album of images and videos to educate your patients about upcoming surgery or explanations of diseases, and a 3rdalbum of retinal eye diseases.


You can use any of your own images or videos by adding them to the albums.  Sorting the album is easy to handle with the up and down buttons and removing some media with the minus button.  You can completely remove an album from the module by pressing the delete button.


Use the media module by adding some cartoons to the library while doing ret on your patients. Educate them with video explainers or market some of your products when you the leave the exam room when you need a break from your patient or to see another patient in another exam room.   You can also setup the media module in a patient hold area to keep them busy, educated or entertained.


Increase the efficiency and add scope to your exam room and workflow by mastering the media module


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