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Whats new in version 10

We are about to release Chart2020 version 10 on Monday the 20th of November 2017.

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We changed randomization in horizontal and triple mode to never have O and C on the same line and H and N.  We attempt to do this in full mode also, but since the characters above and below can get affected, we are not always able to guarantee that these letter combinations in full mode are randomized without these letter combinations on one line.

Bug Fix Customized LogMAR

We fixed the problem when certain lines were still being displayed in the logMAR chart even if removed from the customization.

Spyder 5

We have added the ability to do luminance calibration with Spyder 5.  Spyder 4 is no longer available to be purchased.

D15 Color Test

Do a color screening with reporting

New Settings form layout – Multi-lingual

Remote buttons have more cycle options

For example, Pressing DUO-Circles buttons in a cycle will open DUO-Circles and then horizontal and vertical phoria.  So you can access more options from the remote. Next version we plan to allow you to customize the remote options on certain buttons.





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