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Color and Luminance Calibration

How to calibrate color and luminance with the Spyder X PRO

Step 1: Install the Spyder X PRO or alternate calibrator and run the wizard

Step 2 : Select Wide LED

Step 3: Select Full Cal

Step 4: Continue with the wizard and place your calibrator on the screen

Step 5: Please watch this video. In this step you will need to adjust the brightness on your actual monitor by pressing the keys on your monitor. Select the brightness option on your monitor. You will then need to test the current screen brightness of your monitor by pressing the update button on the Spyder Software.  The software will indicate the current screen luminance. Keep repeating this process until the Spyder value is approximately 85 cd/m2. Once you have found the correct luminance value,  please do NOT adjust the brightness setting again on your monitor as this will affect the screen brightness for the test.

Step 6: Press continue. Your monitor will now be calibrated for color. Wait a few minutes and then save and exit. Your monitor is now setup correctly

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