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iPad Connect

Control Chart2020 through gestures,  or selecting the test or chart you want to use directly from a powerful iPad app.

Featuring a real-time repeater monitor, gestures to change optotype sizes, randomize and more, synchronized menus to mirror your personal setup of Chart2020.

Easily and intuitive select and control tests.

Focus on your patient, without needing to turn your head to see whats happening on the patient monitor.

The auto-guided Contrast, (e)ETDRS and Stereo Acuity tests, show the “answers” on the repeater screen, while the “questions” are displayed the patient monitor.

For example the actual angle (35, 90, 135 or 180 deg) of the sine-gratings (Contrast Test) are displayed in text an iconic format on the repeater monitor, which makes administering the test simple.

Chart2020 on iPad

CONNECTS’s “Controller” personality provides an elegant and intuitive experience for managing Chart2020

  • Repeater monitor: the patient’s real view is echoed on iPad
  • Private View: large text display of small, obscured or hidden answers in Contrast and Stereo tests, for doctor to assess patient’s responses
  • Context Sensitive Overlays – add horizontal, vertical, single letter, with and without crowding bars, and triple line same VA views of the displayed chart
  • Intuitive buttonless gestures leveraging the iPad’s touch screen for navigation and view changes
  • Multi-doctor: each doctor can select their preferred exam sequence … great for mulit-doctor practices
  • Multi-lane: simple communications setup for each lane on the same WiFi network


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