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Chart2020 Luminace Calibration

How to get accurate results

Calibration of your monitor is essential for standardized VA and contrast sensitivity testing.  Each monitor brightness, even the exact same monitor from the same manafacturer will have a different brightness.  As each monitor’s brightness will change over time, we recommend calibration as often as possible. Our VA Charts and auto-guided (e)ETDRS test Contrast Sensitivity test auto changes screen brightness to 85cd/m2 automatically.

For multi lane practices a bright monitor in lane 1 and a dull monitor in lane 3 could provide confusing results, especially with retesting the same patient in a different lane. Get accurate pre-op and post-op VA and Contrast Thresholds

Chart2020 uses the Spyder Calibrator from Datacolor which is a USB device that is mounted on a monitor for a one click calibration which last about 5 minutes.

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