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Chart2020 is not just another digital acuity chart

Chart2020 is more than just a collection of digital tests and charts

Even though it includes hundreds of test options and strategies, it’s designed to streamline your practice’s flow.

Here’s how it works:


• Patients start by being pre-screened for VA Thresholds, Contrast Sensitivity, Stereo Acuity, and Color Deficiencies. Tests are auto-guided, so the technician simply presses Yes on the remote controller if the patient identified the target correctly, or presses no if they didn’t.

• After the tests are complete, graphical reports are generated for the doctor to review to obtain a detailed understanding of the patient at a glance, even before seeing the patient.

• The doctor then uses Chart2020 with a remote or iPad controller for additional and specific examination. The final reports can be submitted to your EHR system.

The reports generated are standardized because
– targets are auto-generated based on algorithms
testing protocols eliminate bias
screen brightness in all test rooms is identical and auto-calibrated

It’s been proven that insurers approve more requests for surgery or treatments based on the electronic ETDRS and Contrast Sensitivity Reports
Now you can run your practice efficiently through:
• Delegation
• Spend more quality time with a patient
• Tracking trends over time
Video looping while you move between patients for marketing or education

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