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Chart2020 Version 9 is Released!

Chart2020 Version 9 Released


What’s New in Version 9

Default Startup Choices
Dyop® Infant Acuity Test
Dual Colors added to Dyop® Test
IR Remote Control Features Added
Luminance USB Real Time Recorder
Fan Chart Fixes and Improvements
Additional Codec Support for Movies
Create Thumbnail for Custom Videos Added
Prevent Screen-saver from Activating and Set Windows Power Options
Browser to Display PDF reports

What’s New in Version 8

The Dyop® Test
Dyop® Controllers
Patient Module – SQL Server Version
Contrast Sensitivity Test – Patient Administered Mode.
Stereo Acuity – Color Seperation
iPad companion App – Live View Enhanced, Simplified Interface. Dyop Control

What’s New in Version 7
Soft Remote
iOS and Android mobiles and tablets can be used to control Chart2020

What’s New in Version 6

Product Offered in PRO LITE versions.

What’s New in Version 5.6
New Chart Formats
Preferred Sloan Chart Display
Rectilinear Chart Display
LogMAR is Persistent
Sloan Aviation BUMED
Enhanced Sine Grating Settings for Contrast Sensitivity Wizard
Global Optotypes Have a New Home
Chart Preferences Selections
User Added Media: Delete
Chart2020 CONNECT More New Testing

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