Chart2020 PRO Monthly

$44.00 $29.00

for 4+ lanes, call for pricing

PRO version SOFTWARE ONLY: For Windows 7 | 8 | 10 (customer supplies PCs, iPad not included)


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Product Description

The Chart2020 PRO MONTHLY version includes the following

  • Comprehensive library of visual acuity tests and targets, binocularity and balancing and polarized targets*
  • Auto-guided tests and reporting for Contrast sensitivity****, (e)ETDRS and Stereo Acuity*** (Polarized and Color Separation Options)
  • Comprehensive library of educational media with the ability to add your own media
  •  60 Day Trial of the new and revolutionary Dyop® test
  •  All tests strategies are easily and intuitively controlled accessed from our 45 button IR Remote Controller, your iPad®, any mobile or tablet for Android or iOS devices, a mouse, a keyboard, or even an AppleTV remote.
  • Chart2020 PRO software adds polarized tests, self-scoring/reporting ‘Wizards’, multi-user features, and customizable media library.
  • SQL Server module optional add on to link all lanes onto the same database, with EMH | EMR integrations. Patient data from your existing systems can be imported and data points collected during Acuity, Contrast and Stereo tests are available to be used for customized business operations.
  • On screen drag and drop Chart Editor to customize each chart to your exact letter choices

Waggoner Color Testing is an add-on and sold on a subscription basis

*Specialized medical grade monitor available for polarized targets

**Chart2020 remotes / accessories / sold separately.

***New – Stereo Acuity Wizard can now be used on Polarized monitors or Normal Monitors (using color separation and revolutionary customized anaglyph to monitor calibrator)

**** Luminance Calibration Hardware Purchased Separately – Requirement to calibrate monitors to ensure correct brightness is displayed for standardized outcomes for contrast sensitivity and (e)ETDRS.

***** USB Room Luminance Hardware can save luminance data to your reports. Useful when testing contrast sensitivity under different lighting conditions.


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