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Refracting with a Projector and have 4 or more lanes ?

Chart2020 will equip one lane with Chart2020 PRO Refraction System free of charge.  (See Terms and conditions)

    Terms and conditions:

    1. Application is submitted before 1 Jan 2019.
    2. Your practice/clinic/hospital has at least 4 lanes currently operating with a bulb projector.

    3. If your application is successful, you agree to purchase a remote control kit from our web site. (1)

    4. You are a new customer and haven’t used Chart2020 before.
    5. You are one of the first 100 customers to apply.
    6. Chart2020 will supply a license key for the PRO version of our digital refraction system (Value $1695).  You will need to supply and mount the monitor with our guidance.

    (1) The reason we have added this condition is to make sure that the doctors can use the system easily and intuitively and make it feel like a projector. Chart2020 has an advanced set of features. We want your first experience to be similar to what you are accustomed to. We then wish to train you on the more advanced features once you are ready.


    You can contact via email with your information

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