HRR Color Testing

and D15

Determine Color Acuity easily and quickly
Smart reporting with auto-guided tests track trends over time
The D15 Test is subsidised by medical insurers

HRR Diagnostic Digital Test

The HRR test is now available in a digital format that comes with many significant advantages

  • The auto scored report tracks trends over time
  • Patients can self-administer the test with an easy drag-and-drop interface 
  • Plates are auto rotated to prevent cheating and double-check errors
  • A full diagnostic report  is generated as a beautifully crafted PDF document that can be submitted to your EHR system
  • Algorithms determine which plates to display, repeat and skip, making the test super efficient and virtually eliminating administration errors
HRR Color Test

HRR Drag and Drop

D15 Color test

D15 Drag and Drop

Monitor is calibrated for color precision and screen brightness to insure standardized outcomes

Plates are randomized in ORIENTATION so its impossible to cheat on the test

HRR (Hardy Rand and Rittler) Pseudoisochromatic Test, 4th Edition provides several very important features to provide the most advanced color vision, test available: congenital and acquired testing, identification of the type of defect and diagnosis of the extent of the defect as well as quick positive classification of normals. The HRR employs a sophisticated test strategy that virtually eliminates the potential for memorization and malingering. The figures used by the HRR Pseudoisochromatic Plates are independent of language and suitable for both adults and children.

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The first six plates (screening series) present the most difficult Protan, Deutan and Tritan (red, green, yellow, and blue) targets. Success with these plates defines the subject as having ‘normal Color Vision,’ and completes the test. The subsequent 14 plates are the diagnostic series and provide diagnostic as to the extent (mild, medium or strong) and type of defect (Protan, Deutan, Tritan).
This test has been validated by multiple scholars and accepted into many peer-reviewed articles
The tests are auto scored by the system
Easily submit directly to EMH | EMR systems
Instant reporting patient database, tracking trends over time

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HRR Color Test

Color Testing and D15

D15 Report

Reports show detailed color analysis graphically and scientifically.
Easily submit directly to EMH | EMR systems.
Instant reporting patient database, tracking trends over time

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Test Options

D15 Test Options

Select your patient, and then choose if you wish to test monocular or binocular.


  • Pre-test exam rooms

  • School screenings

  • Self-service vision booths

  • Optometrists

  • Opthalmologists

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