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Nick Mathew

from Eye Institute

New Zealand’s leading private tertiary ophthalmic facility

Used in 32 Lanes and More To Follow

Eye Institute is New Zealand’s leading private tertiary Ophthalmic facility.  We examined and compared several different options for our consulting rooms and Chart2020 ticked all the boxes.   We have been using Chart2020 in the 32 consulting rooms of our main location since 2014, and have recently installed 9 more in one of our new satellite practices.

We like that fact that the system can be installed on whatever hardware we choose which allows us to future-proof the consulting rooms and makes it easier to upgrade systems.  It also makes maintenance easier as the eye charts then become simply part of the general IT rather than needed specific servicing, cleaning, or special bulbs being replaced like projector charts do.

Chart 2020 is very stable, easy to calibrate, and has all the test charts and features you could want.    It is customizable and has a range of options for controlling the charts.  We prefer the simplicity of an infra-red remote which works 100% of the time, but the iPad app is useful to have a combined controller and repeater screen set up for easy and comfortable viewing.
We find the Contrast Sensitivity analysis particularly useful for vision correction surgery for special occupations and reports.  This system also has the ability to add educational slides and videos – you can add consent and marketing videos that are specific to your practice.

One of the most important features that Chart2020 has  is the ability to calibrate screen luminance to 85cd/m2 or whatever luminance you choose.  This allows us to have complete consistency between different rooms and facilities and gives us visual acuity measurements that we can compare to ETDRS charts.   This is not a common feature on most electronic eye charts.

Now that  support for Chart2020 is direct with the programmer and manufacturer instead of a distributor, service and support has been incredibly prompt and effective.  This has meant great customer service and the ability to work on new ideas for electronic charts and how they are used.

All our practices will be changed over to Chart2020 and I highly recommend it for any sized practice, whether it is one room or a hundred.

Dina Blom


Huntington, West Virginia

My practice feels high tech

Researched others, settled on Chart2020. Never been happier. Patients love it too. I run 3 lanes, and all my patients can feel the hi-tech feel of my testing room.I have been receiving fantastic after sales support, to help me customize the system to my exact needs. Product is stable, flexible and provides lots of clinical feedback which makes my testing more effective and quicker.

James Armitage

BSC Optom, M Optom, PhD

Head of Vision Science, Deakin University, School of Optometry

Used in 20 Lanes for clinical teaching

When looking for a flexible and cost-effective way to equip our clinical skills laboratory with vision charts we came across Chart 2020. The system meets all of our requirements in terms of chart types and flexibility of display (viewing distance, incorporation of a number of methods for determining astigmatic refractive error, stereo acuity and more). The unique ability to run the chart software remotely via an iPad interface allows us to have a number of units in an open plan teaching space (something not afforded by IR remotes) and the chart editor allows us to configure units for any given teaching and learning situation. These advantages, along with the willingness of the Chart 2020 team to develop and modify charts and tests to meet our requirements means that the system is an asset to our teaching program.

Marco Antonio De Castro Olyntho Jr.

Dr. Marco A. Olyntho Jr - Oftalmologista

Great software and outstanding support.

Very easy to evaluate patient vision with high precision.

Itzik Akilov


King Optic

Easy to use

and all you will ever need for your optommetry practice.

Masemola Carel

Chart 2020 its been the best software

and ultimately my navigating tool in diagnostic and managements of my clients. I have been using it it for 4years now and the new version is just key ready to unlock the challenges i always had will pediatrics.

Motsatsi Senoamadi

It’s an amazing software

if u want to increase the number of px’s u see please consider getting one of this and it’s still affordable compared to others

William K. Pope

I love using this system!

The setup was easy and straightforward. It’s intuitive to use and has plenty of options for optotype, exam sequencing, display modes, test options, etc etc etc. this is an innovative and forward-thinking company with a very personal touch that is truly passionate about their product and their customers!! Highly recommended

Haya Glick Shames

I am very happy with the chart 2020

I just got it a few weeks ago but already can see advantages in testing.
The dyop is especially helpful in testing beginning ms that lose motion sensitivity before decreasing visual acuity.

Peter Roediger


I have been using Chart2020 for nearly 4 years

and I appreciate its ease of use, agility, functions and wizards tremendously. I would happily recommend it to anyone looking for a comprehensive and well designed chart.

Ariella Meyerowitz

B Optom RAU Cum Laude

Deep in features, but is completely simple to use

Updated to Version 8 – an easy transition and I love using it! The new Chart2020 PRO is so deep in features, but is completely simple to use without ever having to read a manual. Very intuitive and provides great clinical information to help me treat patients with ease and more accuracy. The included “Wizards” with the Chart 2020 Connect app for the iPad takes a complex test such as (e)ETDRS or Contrast Sensitivity and make it fast, simple and fun for me and the patient.

Swartz Ferreira


Ferreira, Kennedy and Zwarts, at Pretoria Eye Institute

Best investment our practice has made

I started using Chart2020 in 2012, and certainly can not imagine how I ever tested without this wonderful system. It is intuitive, well thought out and most importantly thorough. I love using my iPad to control the system. Being able to see the charts on the iPad, as the patient sees them, is invaluable. My personal favorite is the polarization section, where phorias can be tested in increments as small as a quarter prism diopter.

Chart2020 is the best investment our practice has made in recent years. In our clinical optometric setup, at the Pretoria Eye Institute, Chart2020 is a must and it makes examining eyes exciting again!

Jerome Javier

Manila, Philippines

Outstanding one stop software for any vision specialist out there.

It includes all the necessary test required for a comprehensive phorometric examination. It has contrast sensitivity test, depth perception test, color vision, various visual acuity chart used for measurement for kids, adult and iliterate px can customized the optotypes in anyway and we have the DYOP. From time to time, they also updating added some extra features and the portability you can used along side with your practice your PC, CP, OR ipad to mirror and control the chart. The developers also keen with the reliabilty you’ll be needing also an spyder color calibratior which is good since most of us has different color mixture of monitor and and a polarizing lens for the stereoscopic exam. Excellent job for Stephen, Allan, and the whole team of Chart 2020 keep at it.

Naomi London

I love the amount of flexibility and options

I saw so many software programs when I was in the market about four years ago for a computer projector – I immediately chose chart 2020. I love the amount of flexibility and options that really cater to every optometrists’ unique style of testing. The continuous upgrades are surprising ,yet so spot-on when they come out you don’t know how you managed without them. Stephens continuous support is so helpful . I have and continue to highly recommend .

Sandra Stark

Optometrist, Sandra Stark Optometrists

Vereeniging, SA

Excellent software for all vision professionals!

Exciting new programs for dyslexics and various other related conditions.
Superb product Steve and Allan!

Werner Fourie

Founder, GeekEasy

Alberton, SA

Great work by Stephen and his team.

We have been using Chart 20/20 since our first practice opened and never looked back.

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